Our company started operating in 1989 with processing plastic mass. The first production programme included the production of plastic Christmas trees, and other Christmas and New Year's decorations. Afterwards the company started growing very quickly, we followed the market demands, and expanded our programme, introduced new technologies, and enlarged our capacities. We started building new business premises at Kolodvorska street in Središče ob Dravi. In 1999, we took over a part of the production programme from my parents, who closed their branch after 35 years due to retirement. The programme we took over included the production of carnival products. We complemented the programme with products made by renowned European manufacturers.

In the following years, the conditions on the New Year's products market changed, and it became clear, that it will be hard to compete with cheap products made in China, which flooded the Slovenian and European market. That is why we sought new opportunities, and became the supplier of sheet metal processing services in 2000. We processed sheet metal for car components with the material of Jakl Jožef s.p. We moved to our new business premises in 2002, and became the supplier for steel components for the automotive industry for buyer Jakl Sebastjan s.p. In 2012, we got new positions from buyer TC Jakl d.o.o., that we make from our own material.

Today, the production of components for the automotive industry makes about 70% of our business. In 2013, we acquired the quality certification ISO 9001 in the field of steel products for automotive industry. The credit rating agency Bisnode rated our business for 2016 and 2017 with AAA. This excellent mark means quality, reliability, accuracy, adaptability, and rapid response.